Classic Irish Drinks for St. Paddy’s day

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1. Is whiskey, of course. Paddy’s is probably the drink in best holiday spirit as the name is a direct connection to this most wonderful holiday. Perhaps not in taste, […]


Get to know St. Patrick

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It’s only fair that you learn about the man whose life you celebrate by getting inebriated ceaselessly for 24 hours. As a Saint born in roughly 430 A.D., you have […]


50th Anniversary Lamborghini Veneno

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It’s about damn time Lamborghini put up something of their own at the hypercar level. The much anticipated 50th Anniversary Veneno keeps with Lamborghini tradition, being named after a vicious […]


A History of Beer Pong

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It’s the game you know and love. Red solo cups line each side of a small table and opposing teams stare each other down. Players loosely grip ping-pong balls and […]


McDonald’s ‘How we make our fries’ Video: Legit or Not?

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There’s a reason comments are disabled on the original Youtube video. Well DudesNews, like our country, is a Democracy (sort of?) and we want to know how you feel about […]


Myths about Men: What’s real and what’s not in the world of Guys?

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We’ve all seen these guys… I’m talking about prematurely balding men. They’re probably thirty, but look more like forty or fifty. If you’re a woman that premature balding is a […]


Guys Going Green: Vegan lifestyle Prevents Disease / Encourages Growth

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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary a vegan is, “a person who does not eat or use animal products” but you really don’t need to consult a dictionary to figure that out. […]

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Top Five Healthy Foods for Guys

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#5 Oatmeal: Oatmeal contains beta-gluten, a rather unique kind of fiber. Beta-gluten has been shown to reduce cholesterol, boost immunity, and provide sustained energy throughout the day. Oatmeal is both […]