Daily Jam : “El Camino 2”

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Lights down and volume up- Black Moth Super Rainbow’s frontman behind the vocoder, Tom Fec aka Tobacco, has yet another side project. Tobacco and musician Zackey Force Funk fused together to become Demon Queen. Their debut album released by Rad Cult is called “Exorcise Tape” and it’s not for the kids.

With songs such as “Vodka” “Swoll Tongue,” “Rude Boy” and “Demon Practice” there is a reason why this album could be described as obscene and maniacal.

Today’s daily jam brought to you from the Demon Queen duo is “El Camino 2”- a wonderfully and creepily delivered rap over an entrancing synthesizer almost reminiscent of the sound of an engine attempting to turn over. Maybe an old Honda even. This jam is under 2 minutes long and still knows how to get the party poppin’. Just what a Sunday needs to wake up.

Tobacco is something of an enigma. He and his BMSR bandmates have kept much about their lives private and it seems that Zackey Force Funk has done the same. The only existing self-proclaimed comment by Zackey Force Funk exists on his Facebook page.

“When Zackey Force Funk isn’t robbing banks with baseball bats he’s rocking late night discotheques with soul songs for the Armageddon,” it says.

There is no better statement to set the tone of this collaboration.

“Exorcise Tape” begins with “Lamborghini Meltdown. A satanic siren whispers sweet nothings through the speakers. Then, the music begins. There is no mistaking it is a product of Tobacco’s. This track is one of the most familiar-sounding songs of his on the album. Entrancing psychedelic, electronic and alternative hip-hop- even though the genres may begin to categorize the music, anything Tobacco is a part of has never been a sound heard before.

Demon Queen’s sound slightly diverges from the typical raw, menacing sounds of Tobacco’s previous two albums. Zackey Force Funk brings bouncy, 1980s synthesizer melodies to the collaboration to say something new.

Tobacco’s fresh, brutal sounds are more visceral and the trippy, funky sounds are more tuneful with the alliance of Zackey Force Funk. “Exorcise Tape” is comparable to the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack remixed to be an eerie, hyper-sexualized workout tape with instructions by harshly shouting underground hip-hop artists and spellbinding demons.

Only a few of the songs have official music videos posted on the internet. The artful “Love Hour Zero” music video is one that is visually disturbing however; “Demon Practice” is a video that takes unsettling to a whole new level. Watching it requires an aesthetically opened mind that is not easily offended.

Labeled mature on Vimeo, the “Demon Practice” music video begins reminiscent to the outset of a horror film with a scratched, sepia filter revealing only the hands of what is presumably a priest holding a neon green rosary. Quickly the frame pans to the man’s face through the lens of what appears to be an acid trip. The view is the man facing forward with a deadlock straightforward stare as his face illogically contorts and his mouth lip-synchs the lyrics of the song. The scene pans to several groups of people in backwards motion with a satanic pentagram and baphomet head swirling subliminally over the screen and the people’s heads. The scenes then shift back and forth from the people walking on the street in backwards motion to a sacrificial scene where there is a naked woman at a dimly lit altar. Her head directly aligned with a large, illuminated pentagram on the black wall behind her. She begins to dip her hands in a bowl and explicitly spread blood all over her body.

This song is only 1/11th of a visual representation for “Exorcise Tape” but it certainly makes a statement. The listening experience is shocking and traumatic yet innovatively pleasant and new. Demon Queen’s Exorcise Tape is indefinitely memorable. Even when the volume is low, this album is loud.

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