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Sixers Slacking

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This year the Sixer’s organization chose their slogan to be “Together We Build” however after last nights shocking win against the Heat, they are doing themselves a huge disservice when it comes to building for the future. Although the Sixers are 1-0 when i was hoping they went 0-82 for the winless for Wiggins campaign, it may have been a blessing in disguise. Rightfully so when facing the Sixers, opponents would look ahead to more challenging opponents. Think they just roll the ball out, go into cruise control and get an automatic win. WRONG!  Thats exactly what the Heats mindset was especially when Eric Spoelstra chose to rest Dwayne Wade heading into last nights game against the Sixers. Sure enough it came back to bit them in the ass when the Sixers opened the game with 19 straight points and would go on to upset the defending champs in what possibly could be the upset of the year even 2 games into the season. The reason why I say this is a blessing in disguised is now because when superior opponents (or all other 29 teams) face the Sixers, they wont make the same mistake the Heat did.

Now being a die hard Sixers fan I realize praying for them to lose every game is immoral however I like look at the big picture and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of mediocrity.  For the past few years the Sixers have been exactly that, and what does that get you? A mediocre draft pick. Making minimal progress from the year before.  Everyone knows the best way to build is through the draft.  Now I know that even with the worst record in the NBA you only have a 25% chance of getting the #1 pick,  however I want my team in the best position at a chance of getting Andrew Wiggins.  While most NBA fans typically check the top of the standings throughout the season, Ill be doing the exact opposite.  Lastly, there are several teams that are as bad as the Sixers, its not a question of who’s the worst that will lose the most game, its a question of who wants to throw in the towel the quickest for the greater good.

So Sixers I ask you kindly, stop trying.

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