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Why the Miami Heat wont three-peat

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With the 2013 NBA season getting underway tonight I thought it would only be fitting to explain why the Chicago Bulls WILL dethrone king James and the Miami Heat.  Main reason being, the man in the picture above. Derrick Rose hasn’t played in a meaningful NBA since April of 2012 in a playoff game against the 76ers.  Tearing your ACL isn’t the easiest injury to rebound from but with a intense and dedicated 18 month rehabilitation process Derrick is back feeling brand new.  The 2011 reigning NBA MVP, has the individual accolades, all he lacks is a ring and you can tell he wont settle for anything less.

Rose is undoubtedly the complete package.  Hes got the quickness to blow by anyone hes chooses,  the jump shot for anyone who dares him and instincts that frankly coaches wish they could teach. Being a defensive enthusiast myself, I cant ignore his phenomenal skill set on the defensive side of the ball.  As great as Derrick Rose is, he cant beat the Heat on his own however  the Bulls have the 4 qualities its take to win to be Champs.

1.Great Defense:

Last year the Bulls had one of the best defenses in the leagues holding opponents to 92.9 points per game which ranked 3rd among all teams. They pride themselves on their tenacious defensive that Tom Thibodeau deserves a lot of credit for.

2. A Big Man

In my opinion, the closest the Heat came to losing last year was when they played the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals which went 7 games.  If I could put my finger on one reason why reason they Pacers had success against the Heat it was because of Roy Hibbert.  Now Joakim Noah may not be the offensive presence that Hibbert is but he certainly makes up for that on the defensive end with his energy and hustle.  11.9 pts per game,11.1 rebounds per game 4.0 ast per game and 2.1 blocks a game in 2012 is pretty  damn serious.  The one thing the Heat lack is size, and with Noah and Carlos Boozer, the Bulls front court are sure to cause fits for the Heat.

3. Need Buckets

You need to score points to win games. But that’s no issue here. Derrick Rose will be getting help from the likes of 2-time all-star Luol Deng and future all-star swing-man Jimmy Butler who flourished last year especially in the postseason. I certainly wont leave out Boozer who although is older than my grandfather, still good for 14-16 pts per game this season.


Finally, it cant hurt to have depth.  Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy are all solid contributors off the bench. Whether its for injuries late in the season or spelling someone for foul trouble, to have a bench you can rely on is essential.

Ironically, the Heat play host to the Chicago Bulls tonight to tip off tonight’s double header.  Enjoy the preview of the Eastern Conference Finals. You all know who I’m taking.



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