Daily Jam : Music Video for Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’

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Er’body get up! Start your weekend off with the internationally-embraced hit “Blurred Lines”- title track from Robin Thicke’s sixth album. In an interview with Breakfast Club, Thicke explained this is an album for everyone- just like this single, 

 “The album is called Blurred Lines. I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that we all think we’re living either in a black or white world, or on a straight path, but most of us are living right in between those straight lines. And everything you thought you knew, the older you get, you realize, ‘Damn, I don’t know nothing about this. I better pay attention, I better listen and keep learning.’ So I think that, that’s what I’ve been realizing these past few years.”

The universality of this song and its blend of genres and sounds- including an MJ sample- is what makes it #1 worthy. And what makes it even better? It is a full-proof melodic method to get all of the bitties to the dancefloor- and maybe to take their clothes off too. Thicke actually boasted receiving permission from his wife, actress Paula Patton, to make the scandalous music video for the track that features model Emily Ratajkowski topless. With that, I leave you all to watch and enjoy- TGIF! 

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