Strange New Miley Cyrus Video and Jimmy Kimmel Interview: WTF?!?!

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Slow your role Miley, maybe you should stop. At first glance I thought it was a cute, maturing aura she was attaining but now I am really unsure. From being engaged at 20, to her questionably attention-seeking dance moves on stage with Juicy J, her odd new music video and an awkward interview on Jimmy Kimmel something is definitely off. You be the judge by watching her latest music video for her single “We Can’t Stop” and her interview on Kimmel.

Last week, Nick Cannon spoke on the Howard Stern show in regards to Amanda Bynes that often, child stars go a little too far because in combination with endless celeb-status resources, no one tells them no. As Miley’s parents were careful with this- having her father on the set of Hannah Montana at all times- Billy Ray Cyrus was definitely not present on the set of “We Can’t ¬†Stop.”

“We Can’t Stop” broke the VEVO record, previously held by Bieber, for most plays in a single day. Maybe it’s eccentricity was in part to achieve this goal. If you can bare the product placement and the party bragging, hopefully your eardrums are strong enough to withstand the less-than-decent music behind it all. Oh, and it was inspired by “true events.”

Kimmel is equally unsettled with her wearing underwear on his show as he is with the elements of her video:

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