Hernandez Is History

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We’ve heard this story before. A young, promising athlete gets into an altercation at a morally questionable place (i.e. a strip club), proceeds to do a number of moronic actions–destroy a cell phone and a security camera and hire cleaners during a pending investigation–then, despite all the athlete’s attempts to illegally destroy evidence and cover his muddy tracks, he loses endorsement deals, is released from his team, and is arrested.

It’s the tragic flaw of the modern athlete: ego. Like Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Dante Stallworth, Tiger Woods, Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Johnson, and Kobe Bryant before him, Aaron Hernandez is in deep sh*t. But as the list of murderers, drunk drivers, rapists, sexual assaulters, spousal abusers, and dog fighters may tell him, As long as you say you’re sorry and perform on the field, it will all go away in a few years. The scary part is, they’re right.

To further prove the point that the typical American sports fan will shrug off heinous off-the-field issues in favor of exciting on-the-field plays, I would like to introduce you, the reader, to a few individuals: Andrea McNulty, Mario Reyes, Richard Lollar, Jacinth Baker, Elin Nordegren, Evelyn Lozada, and Odin Lloyd. Never heard of them? I didn’t think so.

This time, I’ll insert why each of those persons is significant. Andrea McNulty-allegedly raped by Ben Roethlisberger, Mario Reyes-killed in a DUI by Dante Stallworth, Richard Lollar-allegedly murdered by Ray Lewis, Jacinth Baker-also allegedly murdered by Ray Lewis, Elin Nordegren-wife of Tiger Woods during his countless affairs, Evelyn Lozada-assaulted by then husband Chad Johnson, and Odin Lloyd-killed by his friend Aaron Hernandez microloans.

Here’s the frightening part–excluding Aaron Hernandez because he has not be sentenced yet–the total number of days in jail for the whole group is 579, with 548 days coming from Michael Vick. Consider what sort of message that sends; these superstar athletes who make millions of dollars are bigger than the law.

The culture of professional sports that is being demanded by fans is big plays, big personalities, and big events, but with that culture come big mistakes without big consequences. Without those big consequences the big mistakes keep happening and are forgotten about if the plays, personalities, and events are big enough.

As of now–after the arraignment of Aaron Hernandez, live on Sportscenter–Hernandez faces charges of murder and five gun-related charges, which he has plead not guilty

So, as you, the reader, are sitting watching Sportscenter‘s  anchors speak of the implications on Hernandez’s career and how Hernandez may never play football again think of Odin Lloyd who will never speak, or walk, or hug his family, or breathe ever again. Remove the touchdowns, receiving yards, yards after the catch, and the Patriots uniform from Hernandez’s persona. What do you get? Justice.


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