Russell Brand Mocks Broadcast Media on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

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Watch this hilarious video of Russell Brand slamming unprofessionalism and manipulation in broadcast journalism on MSNBC’s show Morning Joe during an “interview” last week. All he was trying to do was promote his upcoming tour “The Messiah Complex”- but he ended up leaving a much more significant impact on set. Today, host Mika¬†Brzezinski has apologized for the broadcasted disaster and admitted to not even knowing Brand or his work at all prior to their live interview. Brand is flawless in the interview, he does what he set out to do and much more than he could have possibly imagined. Brand mocked the anchors and their horrendously inappropriate manners as well as media as a whole, successfully painting a portrait that questions why these anchors are paid big money to stir up a conversation that has the same (or less) amount of intelligence and depth as ones in an elementary school cafeteria…

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