Primanti Brothers Adds Ray Lewis To Iconic Mural

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Yesterday, Dudes News reported that Primanti Brothers had revealed, via their Twitter account (@primantibros), that they planned to add another portrait to their world-famous mural. Obviously, we assumed it would be a beloved Pittsburgh athlete. However, we were wrong. In a shocking twist, Primantis has just revealed that the new portrait is of none other than infamous Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis. We know, hard to believe right? However, this outrageous revelation by the acclaimed sandwich-maker was accompanied by photographic evidence:



Why on earth would this Pittsburgh-based, notoriously die-hard black and gold establishment do something like this?? We could think of a few reasons actually… Firstly, Primantis is expanding nationally; wouldn’t it make sense to try to appeal to non-Pittsburghers before reaching these new markets? Seems like smart business practice to us, honestly. Secondly, without Ray Lewis’ years with the Ravens do you think the Baltimore-Pittsburgh rivalry be anywhere near the epic spectacle that it currently is? Finally, rumor has it that Ray is a fan of the french fry-topped, super-sandwiches (can’t blame a man for that..) and stops in when he’s in town. To be entirely truthful, although the Pittsburgh fan base may be a little mad at us, we can kind of see where Primantis is coming from on this one. What do you dudes think?


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