#womancrushwednesday: Longboard Champion Kelia Moniz

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Really- it takes a female to appreciate the true beauty of another female. Every girl has a woman crush, or two or three, and it’s only fair for us to share some with you to broaden your horizons. Oh, and they’re way more than something fun to stare at- they illuminate with talent.
Kelia Moniz, 23, is beauty in the form of diversity. Her nationality make-up boasts a seemingly perfect mix of exotic cultures:  Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese and Irish.  Claim to fame? Moniz is a professional surfer.
Moniz and her family are known to spend more time in water versus being on land. Known as Sister by friends and family, she grew up on Oahu with an ex-pro surfer for a father alongside four brothers. Needless to say, Moniz keeps up with the boys and it shows. She was the only girl to make it to the semifinals in the noseriding event at the Corona Hawaiian Open, according to her biography on Grind TV.
Moniz started surfing when she was five years old. She had a reputation for longboarding but recently added shortboarding to her mix, reportedly to more easily ride with her brothers. Surfing has truly become the vocation of the entire Moniz family, as they own and operate Faith Surf School in Waikiki, Oahu.
Her thirst for competition was born in unofficial contests her father would judge while facing her brothers and friends. The competition for Moniz has since transformed into something bold- challenging top professionals internationally. Moniz has declared herself as a force to be reckoned within the upcoming years as the 2012 Women’s ASP World Longboard Champion as well as second place credentials at the Roxy Jam Honolulu longboarding and numero uno gold status at the NSSA High School Nationals shortboard.
Now known as Princess of Hawaii and a Roxy girl, she has been covergirl for “Surf Girl Roxy” in addition to being featured in Roxy’s photomontage of the history of women in surfing.
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