EXPOSING VIDEO NEWS RELEASES: Human/Robot Broadcast Anchors on Conan

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       This week on Conan, viewers were shown a compilation clip of broadcast reporters across America regurgitating the same exact phrase. This Youtube clip is an absolute must-see as an insight to the world of broadcast journalism and video news releases, or VRNs. As it is a comical video at its core, it is also alarming to a high degree. What was really frightening to me was when Andy Richter says at the end exclaimed, “What a coincidence!” in such a sarcastic tone. How often exactly do broadcasters use video news releases and not mention their sources. Where does this practice originate from? Although the answer may not become immediately apparent, the first step is creating a mass awareness of news being force-fed to us in such a mechanical, unoriginal and unnatural way- especially without recognition of using VRNs. Please watch and comments welcome!

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Stephanie is a senior Advertising and Public Relations & Multiplatform Journalism double major at Duquesne University expected to graduate in May 2014.

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