Classic Irish Drinks for St. Paddy’s day

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1. Is whiskey, of course. Paddy’s is probably the drink in best holiday spirit as the name is a direct connection to this most wonderful holiday. Perhaps not in taste, but look for Jameson and Tullamore Drew to provide a tasty alternative. Bushmill’s and Green Spot are also nice Irish labels.

2. Beer. Too general? Try some Guinness, it’s the most popular Irish beer on St. Paddy’s day. Original or Guinness Black, whatever you prefer, but if you can’t get Guinness we’ve got you covered. Killians, Smithwick’s and Murphy’s Stout are popular choices. Realistically, any beer you can drink as long as it’s green or Irish label is going to be passable.

3. Cream Liqueur. A drink best served in the morning, trying to ingest thick liqueur drinks like white russians or Bailey’s Irish cream throughout the day is unwise. Irish car bombs in the afternoon will keep you going, but be careful, that’s a slippery slope.

4. Poitin. A strong liquor drink distilled from potatoes, or whatever is around really. This is a traditional Irish shot, not to be taken lightly. It’s comparable to American moonshine or Italian grappa, stuff you could clean an engine with.

5. Irish coffee. This is what you start the day with, a bold mixture of caffeine, whiskey, and tasty Bailey’s. It takes a superhuman effort to stay awake and vigorous for the days events, but this drink is sure to help. I prefer to use Bailey’s instead of whipped cream balance the beverage, but whipped cream is quite delicious.


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