St Paddy’s Day Preview: Top 5 Parties By City

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Fact: St Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest parties of the entire year. Who doesn’t like dressing up in absurd Dr. Seuss-esque hats, every shade of green imaginable, and waking up to get plastered at 8 am? Everyone and their brother knows St. Paddy’s Day is a hell-of-a-time, but which cities do it up proper? Here’s our top 5:

5. Dublin, Ohio

There are multiple “Dublin’s” in the US, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that does St. Patrick’s Day better than the Buckeye State. Dublin hosts an annual celebration that rivals much larger cities. With a mile-long parade in the morning and plenty of spots to wet your whistle after, Dublin is a premier St. Paddy’s Day destination. We recommend checking out the party at Flannagan’s if you’re in town.


4. New York City

The Big Apple does St. Patrick’s Day…. well, big. What else would you expect? With over 1 million people expected to attend NYC’s annual parade this year, is there a larger party on the planet? We think not. Expect plenty of green beer and shenanigans (and a slice of pizza or two). If your in town, we recommend checking out the Official Pub CrawlYou can rest assured, this pub crawl will be epic.


3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If your St. Paddy’s Day involves door-to-door bar-hopping starting at the crack of dawn, then Pittsburgh is the spot for you. They host an annual parade in the Downtown area during the morning. After the parade, green waves of thirsty patrons descend on Pittsburgh’s South Side bar-strip. East Carson Street is jam-packed with party-goers guzzling endless amounts of green beer. Sounds like heaven, right? If you’re in town, we recommend checking out Carson City Saloon for kegs n’eggs starting at 8 am.


2. Boston, Massachusetts 

The iconic Irish-American utopia. St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated here in 1737, the earliest of all American cities. Boston’s storied St. Paddy’s day celebration draws an annual crowd of over 850,000. Considering the city population is 16% Irish, you can imagine the party gets wild. If you’re in town, we recommend checking out Ned Devine’s, as we’re fairly certain the party will be popping at this pub/nightclub hybrid.


1. Chicago, Illinois 

Of course Chi-Town comes in at number 1, how can you even compete with the city that dyes their river green every St. Patrick’s Day? The party begins with the dyeing of the river, continues with the parade, and ends puking behind a hot dog cart (just kidding, maybe).  Seriously though, the downtown Chicago area is the premier St. Paddy’s Day destination in the country. The parade is marvelous in itself. Afterwards, you don’t have to go far to find the party, a lot of it stays in the downtown area. If you’re lucky enough to be in town, we recommend checking out Cork and Kerry. This south side staple will most certainly be a rocking sea of green come parade day.


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