5 Tips for Dressing Better: Simplify

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While there are countless aspects of sartorial style, as previously mentioned, we’re discussing five suggestions that, in my opinion, are great places to start. Today’s tip:

#4: Simplify


What do graphic tees and cargo pants have in common? They both make most people look like angsty, irresolute teenagers (sorry, angsty, irresolute teenagers). Before you develop your own style, it is imperative to nail the basics. One of the easiest ways to look sharp is to simplify your wardrobe.

On one level, of course, clothes should be an extension of your personality. But your outfit doesn’t need to be a billboard. It’s nice that you like Spider-Man; your shirt doesn’t need to tell the world. Your clothes should quietly flatter you, they should say something about your personal taste. You don’t want them to be a distraction; no one wants to be known as the Spider-Man guy.

If you wish to look sharper, strive to look cleaner. De-clutter. Logo-free pieces in solid colors or with simple patterns will often make you look more presentable and credible. (There may be a reason that your mom always made you clean your room before company came over, after all.)

Instead of boisterous graphic tees and baggy jeans, try a plain v-neck or solid henley with dark wash denim (skip out on holes and fake distressing) and a pair of simple shoes (e.g. the Kent Wang sneakers pictured above). Add in small, meaningful details –maybe your favorite watch and a nice belt. Navy, gray, and white never seem to fail.

This is not to say that there is no room for more aggressive men’s wear –there certainly is. But beginning with clean, simple basics is a great foundation for developing your own personal style.


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