OP ED: Colorado Fracking supporters are writing Haikus now… no seriously

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Frack on… Frack off

Frack on… Frack off

The COGA (Colorado Oil and Gas Association) is… well I’ll just let them tell you. “COGA is a nationally recognized trade association that aggressively promotes the expansion of Rocky Mountain natural gas markets, supply, and transportation infrastructure”. Well you heard it yourself, they aggressively promote expansion of gas markets, supply, transportation, and infrastructure.

I don’t.

If you’re not familiar with Fracking and other types of natural gas drilling you should seek to inform yourself immediately. Fracking has potential to generate extremely large profits, but these profits usually stay in the hands of large gas corporations at the detriment of local business. It involves drilling deep into the Earth using highly pressurized ‘slick water’. This ‘slick water’ is tainted with radioactive elements and has a high tendency to toxify the water surrounding the drill site. There are other methods, but this hydrofracking technique is the most innovative. I recently presented to a local Marcellus shale fracking activist group, the Peters Township Marcellus Shale Awareness group. People are impassioned about this drilling for a number of reasons. The effect of drilling on the environment is terrible. There are a number of documentaries one can watch to that end. I don’t mean to exhaust myself on these details, but they really set the stage for COGA’s recent attempt to diffuse hatred about gas drilling and confuse people about their true motives.

Haiku… yes that’s right, Haiku.

“Let us simplify

energy conversation

soft thoughtful haiku”

This is the poetic offering of COGA CEO and President Trisha Schuller, see for yourself http://www.coga.org/index.php/blog/view/poetry_help_us

Well I would like to humbly offer my response, in the form of a haiku of course.

“Let us complicate

energy corporation

agenda causes harm”

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