NBA Fan Night Preview: Cavaliers x Bulls Injury updates and more

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This should be an exciting Fan Night game, but not as exciting as it could be. Derrick Rose is not coming back from injury (if at all) for another week. Kyrie Irving will also sit tonight with a hyperextended knee. Kyrie is not expected to play for another game or two, not a serious injury, but given the Cavs rather dismal record they’re in no particular rush to stick their All-Star point guard back in before he’s ready. Shaun Livingston will start over Irving. Livingston is a lengthy 6’7” baller who can take it to the rack and shoot pretty efficiently. I doubt the bulls will put Nate Robinson at point guard while Livingston is in the lineup because of the height and length matchup, perhaps Rip Hamilton. Overall, the teams are rather evenly matched with the Bulls having a slight advantage because the Cavs are without their leading scorer and have relied on him down the stretch all year. Still picking Cavs to win as the Bulls have lost three in a row.

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