BioShock Infinite: Thrilling New Action Game Comments on American Bravado

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The incredible game series BioShock is back again with their third installment Infinite. Infinite is set in 1912 in the hypothetical city of Columbia, a floating city suspended by massive balloons. Columbia is the female embodiment of America, giving the city a distinct design and character. Infinite sticks to the BioShock tradition of amalgam between past and present. Though each game has been set in the past and each represents some part of the collective American psyche they all feature futuristic technology and increasingly exotic abilities and circumstances.  You play as Booker DeWitt, a disgraced Pinkerton agent sent to rescue Elizabeth, a woman who has been trapped in Columbia for twelve years. Booker DeWitt is going on this mission under the pretense that he can absolve past debts and one can imagine him confronting this moral dilemma as one progresses through the game. Irrational games is developing the game and they added aspects to it that are… well, they’re irrational. There is a “1999 mode” in which the players decisions affect the game in a drastic way, potentially leading to situations where you cannot win the game if you make the wrong choice. I find the time at which they release this game to be particularly relevant. The game has been openly revealed to be based on ideas of American Exceptionalism. Exceptionalism refers to a period in American history around 1900 where our country was fond of showboating greatness through extravagance and entertainment. The 1893 World Fair is often cited as the origin of Exceptionalism. In reality the city of Columbia is a symbol of this exceptionalist period. In the game history (sometime around 1900) this floating fairground became a floating death machine when it fired on a group of Chinese rebels during the Boxer Rebellion. The leader of Columbia is a Christian purist and fervent Nationalist, so no surprise they frame him historically as having killed those opposing Nationalism and Christianity in China. This leaves Columbia removed from the rest of the world when our hero (or villain?) Booker DeWitt arrives. If you’ve ever played BioShock 1 or 2 you should be on the edge of your seat about this one. The scope of the game is rather epic and the gameplay looks fluid. They’ve made Booker a vocal character unlike past games where narration was all third party. Truly impressive lengths have been taken to make this game accurate to the smallest detail and immerse the player in the experience. Check out the awesome trailers they’ve released so far.

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