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Emirates Airlines’ First Class: The Only Way to Fly

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Emirates Airlines

I can’t say I ever thought about traveling to Dubai before hearing whispers of Emirates Airlines’ and its first class amenities. But after seeing this spectacle, I would almost consider making the trek. With a roundtrip, from NY to Dubai, carrying a healthy price-tag of $4K, you really have to ask yourself ‘how much do I not want to sit next to a stranger for 14+ hours?”  Call me what you want, I can’t help but to tell myself that I could spend 4K on something a bit more valuable than 29 hours of claustrophobia… However, If you’re a native of Dubai, have a desire to visit, enjoy intense temperature-changing desert climates, or wonder what a $15 bottle of water tastes like, Emirates Airline seems like a no-brainer when flying anyone in the region.

Under the assumption that the passengers in economy were either too zonked on klonopin and ambien, or assuming they just had better ways to fill their time,  I haven’t been able to peep a youtube of the rest of the planes cabin.  But judging by its 1st class cabin, I bet Emirates Airlines makes U.S. airline’s feel similar to Kwame Brown on a basketball court: Inadequate. Speaking of useless big men and transportation, I bet this video could even make Royce White think twice about getting on a plane.

Royce White

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