'Workaholics' is classic recliner chair, ball-scratchin', fun!

Workaholics ‘Ask Men’ Clips’ Epitomize Dudes News

February 19, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

The stars of Workaholics have really been blowing up in the last couple of years, but their youtube videos got them their start.  These new video clips they’ve been producing, called ‘Ask Men,’ are pretty funny and they allow us to see the comics in a more natural setting, but more importantly, provide us a guys’ perspective of standard issues and everyday occurrences. Check out Workaholics, in it 3rd season, on ComedyCentral, Wednesday’s @ 10 pm/ET.

'Workaholics' is classic recliner chair, ball-scratchin', fun!

‘Workaholics’ is classic recliner chair, ball-scratchin’, fun!

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