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Ryan Gosling, Style Icon

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“I feel a little self-conscious about it,” Ryan Gosling admits. He’s seated comfortably next to Jay Leno and they’re discussing his outfit, a dark blue donegal tweed suit from Burberry. The speckled flakes of colorful tweed would be inappropriate on most men. Gosling is not most men.

“Why?” responds Jay.

“Well, ‘cause I already wore it once,” Gosling retorts. When you’re a star, he jokes, wearing the same thing twice is akin to “spitting in fashion’s face.” It must be nice to have that problem.

In 2006, Gosling was seen sporting a tuxedo t-shirt; now he’s one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. In other words, style and elegance are somewhat new additions to his wardrobe. Gosling’s early panoply of obnoxiously-patterned, baggy suits, graphic tees, and half-tied ties are best disregarded by the stylish man. But, as of late, the actor, musician, and activist has been killing it.

Since moving out of Kevin Federline’s closet, Gosling has put a modern twist on classic menswear. Here are some of the elements that make Ryan Gosling a style icon:

The Modern Man’s Suit:

Gosling SuitNoTie

Gosling Green Suit

A Bold, Yet Refined, Take on Casual:

Gosling Casual

Gosling Casual

The Drive Outfit:

Gosling Drive with gloves

gosling drive scene


Few pictures better illustrate the importance of a good fit:

gosling carell

Who looks better?

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