Israeli Soldier Instagrams Photo of Palestinian Child in Crosshairs

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Israeli soldier Mor Ostrovski posted the above picture to Instagram sparking international controversy and speculation about the nature of the photograph. He is now claiming that he found the photograph on the internet, though as Instagram users know the application is designed for self-shot photographs. The account has already been closed and the Israeli military issued a statement saying whatever actions Ostrovski took “are not in accordance with the spirit of the IDF (Israel Defence Forces)” but the intrigue surrounding the incident has only grown.

"another picture from Ostrovski's Instagram"

“another picture from Ostrovski’s Instagram”

The leaking of sensitive images has always been something to ignite emotion and passion in these ethnically and culturally charged military settings. Let’s examine our own American soldiers abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The situation was motivated by ethnic and cultural tensions between the U.S. born troops and the Arab prisoners and certainly represents an even more grotesque example of hatred and intolerance than this most recent image.

"photograph from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal"

“photograph from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal” brings stories like these under public scrutiny and was the first to report on this incident. This site reports on the conflict and violence prevalent in the Arab world, specifically between on Palestinians and Israelis. In summary of the Israeli military position on this image and scores of others like it editor Ali Abuminah said, “The army’s concern should, however, be seen as a sign of embarrassment that such photos harm its attempts to conceal the brutal and dehumanizing nature inherent in Israeli occupation and colonial rule over Palestinians and to deceptively market the “IDF” as “the most moral army in the world.”

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