Michael Jordan turns 50 and we all feel a bit older…

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Over lunch today I uttered the phrase, “Michael Jordan is the most iconic figure of our time”. An icon is “A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something”. MJ didn’t just represent basketball, he represented fierce competition and thrilling victory. His charisma made him famous (his shoe line has an unbelievable dominance of the market claiming 58% of sneaker sales worldwide). His talent broke his enemies will (he averaged 30 points a game and shot nearly 50% over his career). His dedication to his craft turned him into a legend (Jordan was known for shooting thousands of shots a day). MJ was bigger than the game. To have a pair of J’s is still a status symbol for people across cultures and ways of life, literally recognized around the world. Now everyone’s childhood hero is turning 50 and that really has me thinking.

As my heroes get older I can’t help feeling older too. MJ turning 50 and the rise of incredible young talent like Lebron James and Kevin Durant marks a new era in sports and the mythology of the American athlete. We’ve seen world records shattered and incredible performances from the likes of Michael Phelps (among others), but no athlete will ever be glorified like Michael Jordan, because he is a true icon. The story of his fighting spirit will continue to inspire people for hundreds, even thousands of years to come. We should all hope to impact the world with such force and tenacity as the great MJ.

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