Myths about Men: What’s real and what’s not in the world of Guys?

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We’ve all seen these guys… I’m talking about prematurely balding men. They’re probably thirty, but look more like forty or fifty. If you’re a woman that premature balding is a turn-off and guys, they wonder what they can do to avoid this same fate. I’ve always heard that if you wear a hat all the time you go bald early and that seemed plausible enough to me, but all these guys can’t just be wearing baseball caps for years, can they? Turns out, wearing a hat has no real effect on balding patterns. I got to thinking, what else have I assumed to be true about men?

Another classic one, the old shaving gives you a more full beard story. That one isn’t true either, it’s really just thickening and thinning of hair follicles that leads to fullness or balding. Let’s see what else… Foot size and penis size have no direct correlation. So ladies, big shoes means big socks, not big jocks. We men also get the label of being all about sex 24/7. At times that’s not far off, but the majority of men report not even thinking about sex once every day. I love sex as much as any man, but I’m getting tired of the assumption that we think with our penises most of the time. Allowing society to keep that perception paints the modern man as more neanderthal than civilized and despite our fascination with brutish and primitive behaviors we should all be adult about sex. Women like it as much as men, maybe more so, so let’s toss that myth to the wind.

There also seems to be a myth about men not caring about their appearance. Honestly, who doesn’t care about their appearance? Ask yourselves that and you’ll find it isn’t men or women as a whole. Also men feel emotions… shocking I know. It’s not healthy for human interpersonal communication to assume that one gender just feels less emotion entirely than the other. I’ve known many stone cold women, and many emotive expressive men. It’s just what kind of person you are. The common argument in this regard is something like ‘well men have testosterone and women have estrogen’. True, but these hormones only color our lives they don’t draw them. It is a normal biological reaction to cry when one feels an overwhelming emotion. It becomes repressive and psychologically unhealthy for men to adhere to the role of the aloof, unattached, and uncaring.

We do like to go to the doctor, when we’re really sick. We will shed tears, if we’re truly sad. We do feel fear if something is more powerful than us. We do ask for directions if we’re truly lost. We’re all human beings.

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