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Throwback Thursday Whip: 1999 Lamborghni Diablo GT

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A 575 horsepower beast and perhaps the most appealing Lamborghini ever produced, in close contention with the Countach and the Reventon. Released in 1999, this car still has an engine that outperforms most modern supercars. A multi-throttle intake fuels the massive v12 under the hood. Watch the video to get a sense of how it sounds, it’s magnificent for a car now thirteen years old. It reminds us that when it comes to quality you don’t always need to look to the newest or the most available, sometimes you have to look for a special vehicle like the Diablo GT that can satisfy your desires for performance while retaining value and looking magnificent. These cars are collectibles, as only 80 were made and they are highly desired among private collectors. With a top speed of 205mph most people aren’t even sweating it in a race.

"the fleet"

“the fleet”


Price: $300,000

Top Speed: 205mph


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