Technology and Responsibility in the New Media Age

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Technology builds cars and processes data. It produces the bullet and the gun that fires it. It sometimes grows us and other times slows us and all the while changes us. It affects the way we see friends, family, and how we define our Self. I think we can all agree it’s not a choice anymore, whether or not we interact with technology or not. Every part of our lives seems to be driven by some piece of technology. To even get fresh food and water requires complex farming cooperatives using advanced farming, irrigation, and pesticide treatments. The pesticides, irrigation systems, and farming technologies must also be produced in a factory, using advanced machines. Refrigerated trucks deliver food to distribution facilities that use computer processors to keep it all organized.

I’m assuming if you’re reading this article you’re necessarily using some piece of technology to do so, a fantastically ironic fact and I think there’s an appreciable but somewhat startling truth hidden in it. It seems as though technology is the future we’ve chosen. I don’t think I disagree with that. I mean I am here typing this article on a laptop right now, using a wireless network, while watching television. But that’s just it, isn’t it? We’re all so connected these days, yet we seem to be questioning the genuineness of our connections more than ever. Social Media is often spoken of as impersonal and the jargon used (lol, wtf, lmao) is lampooned as Neanderthal and diminutive. How can we be more connected but less connected?

I was speaking with our newest writer and good friend Chase about this subject and we couldn’t help but feel inspired and happy to live in this time, but we shared the sentiment of necessary personal responsibility. I’m not talking about the be home and in bed by midnight kind of responsibility, I mean keeping my freedom and autonomy in an increasingly objective world kind of responsibility. Think about who controls the most elite technologies in the world? Governments, large corporations, social institutions, all groups that seek to exert influence on us (all three for the sake of power in my opinion). Using Social Media as a means to plot our whole lives is like an investment, risky and potentially rewarding. The globalization and connectedness with new cultures we all enjoy is nice but we need to keep our heads on straight and watch just how much we become intertwined with Technology. It’s all a part of our evolution, but we don’t know if it’s advantageous or a maladaption. The Revolution will be Televised my friends. You can keep watching, Turn off your TV, or remind yourself it’s not reality.


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