NBA Action: Clippers/Heat preview

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The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers have the third and fourth best records in the league and are two of the most talented athletic teams we’ve seen in a few years. Chris Paul has been out with a bruised knee but may come back into the lineup. It’s an injury he wants to be cautious about so it will likely be a gametime decision, but for the same of watching good basketball I hope he plays. If not, it’s going to be rough going as fellow superstar Blake Griffin is also questionable with a hamstring strain and Jamal Crawford is questionable with a shoulder injury. There’s a chance all of them will play tonight, but something tells me one of these guys is still going to be on the bench. Chris Paul is the key to the Clippers offense and if they want to beat the Heat they really need his presence on the court. Miami is 20-3 at home but apparently a flu virus has been affecting some of the players and D. Wade, Bosh, and Ray Allen will likely not play tonight. Interesting game, two less than healthy but extremely talented teams going at it, we’ll see who plays tonight and how each team deals with these setbacks

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