Dwight Howard Sucks

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"how you gon' trade.. I mean treat me like that"

“how you gon’ trade.. I mean treat me like that”

…And needs to be traded. seriously this guy is garbage was anyone watching the Celctics/Lakers game tonight? He looked like he was from¬†Big. I don’t mean he looks like an NBA big I mean he looked like he was in the movie Big having an out of body experience on the court. Probably the most pathetic effort i’ve seen in the NBA this year. He seemed to turn the ball over every time he touched it and his rebounding effort was… wait what effort? A guy who ought to be a monster in the league is playing like a mouse, what happened to Highlight Howard… more like Howard Hoax. He looks like he wants to be traded, so trade him already. The lakers below .500 performance this year (23-26) has disappointed and upset Lakers fans. This should upset them a bit more. On paper this team is incredible, but Steve Nash is aging and if Dwight Howard is going to play like a D-leaguer then he should get traded or retire. Kobe isn’t as fresh as he used to be, despite his truly remarkable play of late, becoming a both scoring and facilitating threat to fill in the gaps in this unproductive Laker squad. As a basketball fan I was infuriated watching him play tonight, honestly unacceptable lack of effort. His demeanor is that of a dog with it’s tail between it’s leg. It’s clear the Lakers can’t hang with veteran or athletic teams this year… They need to do something to get their historic franchise back to a high level, maybe the answer is a piece of paper, a pen, and #12 getting a new uniform.

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