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Introducing Studied Nonchalance

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“Studied Nonchalance: On Being a Dapper Dude” is a men’s style series, focusing on the sartorial incarnations of the elegant, timeless, and refined –in both superlative and frugal form. This segment will explore the fundamental elements of being a stylish man; posts will cover the entire spectrum, from formal black tie events to casual weekend wear (work boots and jeans can be elegant, too!).

“Studied nonchalance” means putting careful thought and consideration into how one presents himself to the world, yet neglecting to externalize that effort to others. You know that Sean Connery looks great as James Bond but you don’t know why. He doesn’t reveal the numerous trips to a tailor and handmade suits from Savile Row. But he looks good. And he knows it –he moves with unceasing confidence and, importantly, an air of indifference. And it doesn’t get much classier than 007.

The state of being both “studied” and “nonchalant” is one of great tension. Your task is to be rigorous in seeking the perfect shirt and, then, appear not to care if someone threatens to throw it into a fire. This is oftentimes no simple feat.

In many ways, it will focus on the understated, rather than the vibrant and the bold. It is not the “right” way or the “best” way; it is simply one approach to men’s wear. I am no expert. I hope only to share my perspective with you, as both of us develop our senses of personal style over time.

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C. Withorn

Chase Withorn writes "Studied Nonchalance," a segment on men's style. You can probably find him googling pictures of boots.

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