Winter is Coming to Westeros

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The hit HBO series Game of Thrones returns for it’s third season March 31st. I can honestly say I’ve been openly speaking about and looking forward to this date for some three months now. Those of you who haven’t seen the show might think my enthusiasm excessive and perhaps it is, but this show really is incredible. Game of Thrones is set in Westeros, a kingdom mired in political turmoil and war and teeming with magic and mystery. The central theme of the show is power, who has it, what they must do to keep it, and how this affects everyone around them. Everyone is playing a hand the best they can, trying to play that trump card. The first season opens with the Stark family of Winterfell and introduces Ned Stark, lord of house Stark. When the Hand of the King is murdered, King Robert Baratheon asks that his old war buddy Ned might become the new Hand of the king. At risk of divulging too much I’ll let this brief introduction warm you up. The writing for this show is fantastic and the way they string along multiple story lines and claims to the throne, bringing them together at critical points, makes for compelling Television. The characterization is deep, and as you watch you will find yourself becoming quite endeared to certain characters and quite angry towards others (though I shant say any names…*coughJauffre*cough). I think my point is if you don’t watch this show, watch it. If you do watch it GET PUMPED. WINTER IS COMING

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