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Dudes News Social Media Debut

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dudes news

This is a much anticipated date for us. We’ve been working tirelessly for a little over a week to get the website ready by our deadline and here we are. Dudes News is a partnership between friends who share common interests. Those interests include Sports, Beer, Fast Cars and Fast Women, Health, the latest and sharpest Guys Fashion and Technology anything else we can find interesting to comment on, in picture, writing, video, or whatever form. We’re bringing together what’s cool on one webpage and we want you to check it out. What you see when you explore dudesnews.com is only the beginning. Now that we’ve got the ball rolling we can only gain momentum. Explore the site and see what you like, Rate our articles and Rank the Daily Dimes with the thumbs up and down and star rating features. Read what we’ve got to say we really think you’re going to enjoy it

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Franklin Fitch

Studying Sociology at Duquesne University. Automotive enthusiast and craft beer drinker; an IPA a day keeps the doctor away. Cleveland Cavaliers, all for one, one for all. I'm a firm believer in the power of the written word. Contact me frank@dudesnews.com or on twitter @DudesNews or facebook.com/therealdudesnews... If you build it, they will come.

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