Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

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Mercedes-Benz has earned their reputation as an elite car manufacturer. When you think Mercedes I’d imagine you think elegance and class in a daily driver, something refined. Their history with racing vehicles also guarantees their cars will perform at a high level. What we didn’t know was if they would merge the class, style, and affordability of their production line cars with the raw performance of their race inspired vehicles… until now. I give you the SLS AMG Black Series. If you’re a car enthusiast you already know what AMG is all about. In short they build the best engines for the best cars in the world. This wicked machine is what you get when you put a race car on the road. Its what you get when you tell the engineers, “make the car you’d like to drive”.

“hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave”

So let’s talk power. Out of a normally aspirated 6.2 liter flat v8 the Black Series gets a whopping 622 horsepower. Those boys over at AMG sure know what they’re doing. The sound of this car running is something of legend, resonating with a deep gurgle Mercedes lovers have come to expect with the higher end models. They also made a number of tweaks to the chassis of the car, adding carbon fiber all over the place and replacing heavier engine and body components with new carbon plastic material for strength and low curb weight.

The interior of the black series is magnificent, as you can see. The piano black veneer and custom leather trip, accentuated by sporty red stitching give this interior the same blend of sport and class as the outside of the vehicle. They’ve made the already wide SLS AMG even wider with this edition and thrown 20in custom aluminum forged wheels into the mix. The designers also included a number of features on the front end and hood of the car to direct airflow and create additional downforce so the Black Series manage high speeds and difficult maneuvers and maintain grip of the road. At a price tag of about $230,000 the Black Series won’t break the bank like a Supercar, but it delivers racing performance and elegance at an equal standard.

Price: $230,000

Horsepower: 622 hp

Top Speed: 196mph

0-60mph- 3.5 seconds


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