McLaren MP4-12C Spider

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I’m not usually the biggest fan of the ‘Spider’. I’m a big fan of the gurgling 6+ liter v12’s with high horsepower and torque figures, you know what I’m sayin’? This car is something else though, and that something is wonderful. I mean look at it, surely one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen. The lines are extremely sharp along the sides and smooth along the top accentuated by a low and aggressive stance characteristic of McLaren. I’ve always considered McLaren elite in the performance department but this car really is a marvel of design. For example, they’ve included a pressurized lift system to adjust the front and back of the vehicle. That low ride height won’t be scraping the front end of your baby. They’ve labeled this system “Proactive Chassis Control” and this system will go so far as to compensate for your movement up and down hills and while braking ensuring that your frame remains off the road.



Speaking of performance let’s talk about the 12c Spiders numbers. Running off a 3.8 liter twin-turbo v8 it produces 616 horsepower (ridiculous, I know). That kind of output is impressive for a v8 and as far performance McLaren is bespoken so I’ll leave it alone. Alright, one last thing 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds. Incredibly the price of this package is only $26,350 more than the standard McLaren MP-4. For the experience of open top driving at those kind of speeds I’d say it’s worth it. This car is as cool as a California breeze, and a breeze to drive. The open top will allow the driver to experience far more of the engine and exhaust sound, exactly what many driving enthusiasts love. Watch the video to experience what it’s like

Oh I forgot to mention, you get your own McLaren luggage when you buy one. That’s pretty generous of them

Price: $351,000

Horsepower: 616hp

Top Speed: 203mph

0-60mph- 3.1

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