Paul missed by Clippers in rough loss to Thunder

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“It’s cool I got this”

Blake Griffin’s 31 points and 11 rebounds weren’t enough to pull out a win last night as the Los Angeles Clippers take only their fifth home loss of the season losing 109-97 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. If you hadn’t heard Kevin Durant had a sensational performance, scoring 32 points in every way shape and form. He hit all his free throws, shot 63% from the field, and buried all but one of six three point attempts. Chris Paul, out with a bruised right knee, was not there to help. The Clippers bench came back in the second half, but struggled early to be productive. It seemed as though every player except Blake Griffin was struggling to get into an offensive rhythm. Jamal Crawford scored only 14 points on 18 attempts and the rest of the bench, though shooting a higher percentage took far fewer attempts. Eric Bledsoe is a tough player, but clearly struggled under the pressure of the game and the intensity of the Oklahoma city defense. Indeed Paul’s ball handling and awareness was sorely missed as every Clippers player except Bledsoe had a negative turnover ratio. Paul is considered day to day, but the coaching staff isn’t in a rush to get him back on the court. He struggled when he tried to play with the bruised knee and the Clippers record is strong, but it’s quite clear seeing him healthy and back in the line-up will mean a great sigh of relief for Clippers fans.

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